1/13/2018: new year

Happy New Year! A new year, a new chance to stand for what is good and kind and loving. Shine your light, people, now more than ever. Onward, my Darlings!

10/02/2017: wisdom

Dear Friends ~ my incredibly wise once-upon-a-long-time coworker Joanna Furnans sent a read-worthy email today, and I share the bulk of it with you here. As each insane event happens since the massive debacle of the November elections I grow more and more sad and hardened. But here is hope:

Hello all.

I intended to send this email blast letting you know about some of the projects I have coming up and then I woke up to the news of of another terrorist attack in the US this morning. Fifty people killed in “one of deadliest mass shootings in American history” according to the New York Times.

I am trying to fight the desensitization that has already begun to callus around my psyche. The images are beginning to look the same; people running, people crying, people laying in the streets bleeding, people helping, people in shock… 

And our president tweets his condolences. And our gun laws stay the same.

I have no faith in this government.

Yet somehow, perversely, I seem to have faith in all this rage. The rage and selfishness of these murderers (terrorists, police, domestic partners, politicians) is something I have come to understand as normal. I can count on navigating this violence, in all its manifestations, for the rest of my life.

And I have faith in the rage of those who organize against violence and injustice. Their rage and the rage of countless fighters before them, is a necessary fuel in the fight for change. I understand it and feel it too.

So, here we are in the midst of rage. Do you want to see some dance performances?

I’m actually serious. Forgive me if this sounds trite but maybe coming together, away from our screens, in the flesh, to experience live performance will help us feel less fearful, less angry, less isolated, and more compassionate. The artists I am privileged to know are working as hard as they ever have during this time of political and social unrest. People are not giving up in the face of futility. On the contrary, we are taking more risks, being more bold, and taking up more space then we have in “easier” times. After all, what the hell do we have to lose?

08/01/2017: love everybody – July 29

What a fabulous evening we spent together, basking in a gorgeous Minnesota evening with music and love!!! If you weren’t there, I am sorry; and I have a link for you to share in the love! Check it out:

The joy and love were palpable, and the cause extremely worthy: Guitars for Vets. We raised $3500 dollars for this group that is very near and dear to our hearts! See what they’re all about:

Remember the key: love everybody. This has been my mantra for many years, and as difficult as it is to stick with, I do so. Now more than ever. I could never claim to like everybody, but through grace I do my best to love. Love stamps out hate. Love does not judge. Love just is. Here we go…

07/25/2017: Notes from fans

I’ve had some lovely messages of late from fans and friends regarding some performances by my band. I’d humbly like to share a few here:

“I’m still dancing and filled with your light!”

“I have you to thank for what I am about to do:  end ALL public/private criticism and derogatory comments about President Donald Trump.  So many of your written/spoken comments focus on love, inclusiveness, and acceptance of others.  Facebook, CNN/other news stations, and people on the street (even in church) are ridiculing our President daily.  I am fully aware of what the President has said/done that troubles everyone; but I also know that only God can change his heart, so that he will be more responsible to the American people and less concerned about his own image.  From this day forward, I will pray for President Trump and his administration.  Again, thank you.  Sending lots of love to you and your family on this July 4 weekend.”

“I dragged my 16 yr old there….and my fiancee has had her nieces here much of the summer; hasn’t been great or easy but it was awesome to hear you; I am able to relax to your voice ~ thank you… rocked it as usual!!”

My heart is completely full up with love and affection for you all! Be well and take heart – I believe Good will prevail, if we each do our best and shine our Light. Want some inspiration? Come to the show of the season this coming Saturday – Summer of Love in St. Louis Park!

5/8/17: More loss – look for the Light!

Yesterday my dear friend and tribal brother in music danced his Last Waltz; as a Facebook friend so eloquently put it, he has joined the great Spirit Song on another plane. Lonnie Knight ( was a guitar player the likes of which will not be seen again soon – his skills were beyond compare; a songwriter with the uncanny ability to get right into your bones with his story – one moment sobbing, the next laughing; and more than anything else, a humble, kind, loving human being and friend. The love of his life, Patti Patton, needs your warm, Light-filled thoughts right now – she is a force to be reckoned with herself, generous and noble and utterly devoted to Lonnie and his musical life, and thus utterly devastated by this untimely loss. His family (sister Kathy and her peeps), friends (Reid, Glenn, myself – well, you all know who you are), and all lovers of caring, gracious, kind, skillful people – we all need prayers for hope and Light and peace right now. Thank you. I love you.

8/1/16: My Mother is with me always

My beloved Mama passed away almost a month and a half ago. An eternity has happened since, and then again – nothing. I carry her close in my heart as I escape my city to commune with nature and try to understand. She is free and I am grateful; I miss her so, yet I don’t. I truly feel her at all times. Thank God. Because life goes on.

“We have fallen in love with Barbara . If she had a stage door, we would become “stagedoor Johnnies”. Looking forward to the rest of July & August….and August 14.This wonderful note came via Nan at Alexis Bailly Vineyard ( after Imaginary Numbers played there in June. I’m humbled and honored, and bold enough to say that we will return in a couple of weeks – please join us! Check out the HOME page for the calendar. Here’s another sentiment from the same gig: “A wonderful place with great wine. Please keep Barbara and her guys coming on Sundays!”

August will be busy; I hope to see you soon!!! My love to you and yours…

5/7/16: A Mother is a lovesome thing

Spring!!! It has sprung in glorious fashion! At least, it has done here in the Twin Cities. The flowers, the greening, the scent of lilacs, the wacky antics of folks finally free to dash outside at a moment’s notice, no need to find a hat or coat – it is bliss! I always say I like all four seasons – and I do – but in this moment I am quite sure that Spring is my favorite. All the world is bursting with newness and possibility…

As I sit at my laptop (briefly, mind – it’s too lovely out there to remain indoors for long) to check in with whomever might chance across my website, I am thinking of you. Mysterious observers – perhaps someone looking for some new music, maybe one I’ve sent a note to with my web address attached, or a dear old friend or sister who likes to keep an eye on me – I hold you in my thought right now, and I pray that the newness and possibility of life make themselves known to you.

I also think of mothers, in honor of the day we dedicate to them. Especially of my own sweet Mama – a woman of exquisite beauty, infinite patience, and astonishing love. My sister and I adore her completely, and feel we are blessed with the very best mother that has ever drawn breath. Again, though, I hope you can say the same of your own mother! Celebrate her today, tomorrow, and always. She gave you life.

4/15/16: Taxes getting you down? Get some relief!

Next Saturday, April 23rd, I’ll be joining Freddie Manton and the Southsiders to bring you blues and pub music at Brit’s Pub, 1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis. Join us – 7:30-10:30pm – for a bite & a pint, and we’ll take your mind off your troubles. No cover – just fun!

2/14/16: Be my Valentine.

May love and joy shadow your every moment, today and always! I feel like I’m still reeling from the festive Christmas season and the turning of the year, but we must forge ahead. I’m in the thick of trying to connect with venues and book gigs; a few are already on the horizon, and more will emerge. Please do keep an eye on my calendar page. I hope I will see wonderful YOU out and about soon! My heart to yours…

12/1/15: December joy to you.

I don’t know about you, but December looks DAUNTING. And delightful. I love the holidays, and I have a number of sweet little gigs scattered throughout the month; please click on the CALENDAR page to find opportunities to come and see me. I’ll be tickled to share a few moments with you!

As you move through this season of dark and light, remember to care for yourself: eat tasty foods, practice Yoga, hug your loved ones, give generously, breathe deeply and consciously. I love you!


11/2/15: November Music.

ROD GORDON & BARBARA MEYER LIVE @ the 318 CAFÉ in EXCELSIOR! This Friday, November 6; 8-10:30pm. Join us for tasty food, a sweet beer & wine list, and the soulful strains of jazz. The perfect end to your workweek!


Then comes Friday the 13th: Lonnie Knight, Reid Papke, and yours truly at the Riverview Cafe in South Minneapolis, 8-10pm! Again, a terrific food and drink selection, plus a heartfelt singer/songwriter performance. Another perfect Friday!

Give thanks with the Barbara Meyer Band on Friday, November 27 @ the Black Dog Cafe in St. Paul, 8-11pm! Wonderful food and drink, and some rockin’ roots and reggae music surrounded by the sweet spinning of DJ Musically Rich (KFAI), and YOU! Join us…

10/20/15: Holidays Ahead.

First, this Saturday at the Nicollet! OK, October 24 is not technically a holiday, but we’ll make it feel so. And PLEASE do yourself a favor: join us for a spooky, spell-casting Hallowe’en party at Oak Center General Store! Details for these are on the calendar page.

Plus the winter holidays are just around the corner; add the magical touch of live music to your gathering! Looking for a sweet jazz duo of vocals and piano? I’m your gal. Maybe a groovy roots rock & reggae band? Look no further. I have several incarnations, 30+ years of experience, and will work with you to create the soundscape you want. Bookings have begun, so contact me today!

10/6/15: October Dreams.

The moments I will share with you in the near future will be MARVELOUS. Here are some of our opportunities: this Saturday (10/10) with Stan at the Nicollet, Saturday the 17th with Rod at Simply Jane’s fundraiser, Saturday the 24th with my Band at the Nicollet, and Saturday the 31st for a spooky Hallowe’en party with my Band at Oak Center General Store. Talk about a bountiful harvest! Check out the calendar page for all the details…



9/14/15: September = beautiful.

Greetings to my beloved YOU! Thanks for visiting my website. Here’s a newly-penned promo trailer for yours truly:

BARBARA MEYER: GENRE-BENDING. Transformative Artist Barbara Meyer is a singer-songwriter with a background in musical theatre & opera, feet firmly dancing in the jazz realm, and a sonic sensibility that will knock you out. Her approach to songs old & new, original & covered, is unique, engaging, and utterly compelling. She will transform your moments together into a love-dappled music adventure. Sometimes solo, other times joined by the best musicians the Twin Cities boast, her shows are always delightfully memorable. Come groove on the magical spell she casts!

8/4/15: August already? Indeed, and it’s lovely!

The summer is flying by, and music is swirling wildly within it. I’m SO happy to be seeing so many of you out and about, enjoying the vibe and shining your light! Nearly everything I’ve been doing this summer has been outdoors, and I really appreciate that. Especially emotional and fulfilling was the Dylan Salute/Billy Hallquist Tribute last week, and the guys and I had a blast at the Lake Harriet Bandshell this past Sunday. More tonight for National Night Out (WBC at Community UMC in Columbia Heights, MN), Thursday evening again at Wolfe Park Amphitheater in St. Louis Park, MN (7-8pm, Chadly and I will bring a nice variety for your listening pleasure), Saturday at Sunrise UMC in Mounds View, MN (WBC again), and next Monday night (Wild Honey at Centennial Lakes in Edina). See you soon in the sun!


6/16/15: Summer Solstice approaches

Greetings, Friends! It’s a glorious June morning in our fair Twin Cities, and I’m happy to be home again. I recently returned from a delightful Road Scholar program (+ music) in Switzerland, where I made some lovely new friends and enjoyed breathtaking vistas.

Waterfall, Sonogno, Switzerland

Waterfall, Sonogno, Switzerland

And now, while deep in the throes of summertime preparation, I turn my thoughts to you; I trust you are well and finding ways each day to shine your Light. I feel it and I welcome it! Much love to you, and DO please come find me at a gig (or many) this summer! xxxo…


5/21/15: May is EXCITING!

First of all, check out my incredible friend’s TED Talk!! Barbara McAfee – my hero.

I’m preparing for another fabulous Tribute to Bob Dylan show in Duluth this weekend; deets on my calendar page if you care to join me. You should…

Then on Monday I’m heading back to Switzerland to work at my fabulous moonlight job, shepherding Lifelong Learners around that beautiful country! I’m thrilled, of course, to be blessed with this opportunity, and will also perform some music there as well as see my family in the charming village of Scuol.

When I return mid-June the summer will kick in heavy! I’ve booked some gigs and intend to do much more of that, so please keep an eye on my calendar. Might I suggest you bookmark it?! I would SO love to be one of your bookmarks…

5/2015: HAPPY MAY DAY, MINNEAPOLIS & BEYOND! It was a lovely day for a parade, festival, and welcoming of the sun. It’s invigorating to be outside in the garden, walking in the Spring air, watching all the greening and budding erupting in riotous color and scent, and awakening to actual sunshine. I truly love all 4 seasons, but there’s nothing quite like Spring to make a person grateful.

I’m also grateful for music opportunities just around the corners… My calendar page provides all the details at a simple click of your mouse, so please check it out! It will fill my heart to see you SOON! Be well, and give someone a helping hand today…


2/2015: Lots going on these days, my beloved Friends; please check out my calendar page and come see me soon! Life is too short; I want to be with you…

Of note:

Phil Mattson and I have a new jazz record! Read Andrea Canter’s review here:

From the release at the Nicollet Cafe in Minneapolis, November 2014:

Listen to the podcast of Paul Metsa’s Wall of Power Radio Hour interview here:

Buy it at the Electric Fetus in Mpls, or here:

album_artKen Stewart.2

Also, we are available for all of your Entertaining Needs! Call me at 612-827-0394 to discuss the beautiful possibilities…



A note for all Lovers…

Posted on:

It is 2 days before Valentine’s Day, and my heart is filled with love for you! I’m figuring you’ll come to my Emotional Rescue…

SO much has been going on – I know it’s the same for you – and I just keep swimming, trying to keep up. Lots of gigs, and plenty to come (I hope to see you at some of them soon! Check out the calendar), plus some pretty intense Life Stuff. I spent last week in my home town, preparing my childhood home for sale; a bittersweet thing, to be sure, but really good. All is as it should be, despite the occasional bouts of sadness I feel. In another way it sort of cracks the future WIDE OPEN, right?! And certainly it’s been informing my songwriting of late. And I keep being reminded, blissfully, of how very fortunate I am to be surrounded by such incredibly cool and loving family and friends. Life is challenging and good, and I am grateful.

Thanks for checking in, and stay in touch! I love you…

Happy 2014!

Posted on:

Well, THAT was fun! We made it through another year, and the future awaits us. Love each other as best you can and shine your light nice and bright. You’ll feel better – guaranteed!Holiday Depot


Posted on:

To my dear friends and fans, acquaintances and strangers: I am grateful for you. Not just now (thought it is a time for reminding), but always. May your dreams come true, may your hearts be full, and may you be blessed. Keep shining your light!

Holidays enter, stage left

Posted on:

Hello, my Friends – I hope you are warm and cozy and enjoying your life! All is well in my little area, and The Season is amping up. So I wanted to call your attention to possibilities…

Are you entertaining this holiday season?

Make it extra special with Live Music!

The powerful and sultry vocal stylings of Barbara Meyer will transform your soiree into a not-to-be-forgotten event.

Available in various forms: Jazz duo (with piano), trio (with piano and bass or drums), or quartet (with piano, bass, and drums); folk solo, duo, or trio (Barbara singing and playing guitar, with percussion and/or another vocal); throw-down rhythm party (with the Barbara Meyer Band).

Contact Barbara to design your perfect party; do it soon, as bookings have already begun!

Call: 612.827.0394




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